As children grow quickly we need to provide them with healthy meals to provide the body with the energy to grow. Our meal times are an enjoyable social occasion and we encourage the children to interact with each other at the meal table while using appropriate table manners.

All meals are prepared by staff with full food hygiene training and are served within the nursery building. All food purchased by O'Joz Limited comes from recognised suppliers and stored in the appropriate manner.

Children who are in the nursery before 8:00am will be offered a healthy breakfast consisting of a choice from cereals, toast and fruit accompanied by a drink of milk or water.

Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided these will usually be a choice of 2-3 fruits or salad, biscuits, breadsticks or sandwich and accompanied by a drink of milk or water.

A hot meal is served at lunch time including fresh vegetables. Our tasty lunch time menu features Spaghetti Bolognaise with sliced carrots, Chicken casserole and rice with peas and sweet corn, Macaroni Cheese with garlic bread and salad. All lunch meals are followed with a drink of milk or water and a pudding choice of Jelly, Yoghurt, Angel Delight or a pick from our fresh fruit selection.

Mouth-watering weekly menus are on display in the reception for parents to view.

Every cultural preference or allergy will be taken into account when planning our menu and should your child be unable to eat the meal provided an alternative lunch will always be provided. Children's preferences are considered when planning the menu and we will ask the child which meals they prefer in order to provide the child’s choice in a healthy option.

We know not all children like all foods therefore we will do our best to encourage children to taste a variety of food and inform them of the benefits of healthy eating.

Foods high in sugar and salts will be limited.

Babies’ milk will be provided by O'Joz Limited and is purchased through recognised suppliers. Bottles will be made up in our kitchen and warmed appropriately. All bottles and feeding equipment will be washed in the dishwasher and sterilised in a microwave steam steriliser.

O'Joz Limited building and kitchen facilities are subject to unannounced environmental health inspections and therefore follow a high standard of cleanliness at all times.