O’Joz has 4 separate play areas with changing and bathroom facilities. All our rooms are brightly decorated with large windows allowing plenty of natural light for your child to play with quality age appropriate equipment and toys. Our nursery has modern under floor heating system throughout with easy clean warm flooring.


These are the youngest group and our fastest learners who grow and develop a new trick every day. We have a staff child ratio of 1:3 allowing for plenty of individual attention encouraging quality interaction every moment of the day. Within this group we will do our best to work alongside you as parents keeping your child in a calm settled routine. A record of your child's development will be monitored by our trained staff providing you with vital daily feedback.

Parents of children younger than one year are asked to provide a daily routine detailing meal times and the current stage of your babies feeding.

O'Joz will provide all nappy changing materials and follow a strict nappy changing procedure.


In our toddler group we offer plenty of fun activities encouraging your toddler to experiment with their own creativity, whether it's the new leaning Tower of Pisa with construction toys, or the new abstract art which represents "something" to your child. If they prefer there is a quiet area to relax and watch their friends, look at a book or even have a chance to play Mum and Dad with role play equipment.

With the busy toddlers we have a staff:child ratio of 1:5 allowing for guidance and quality interaction as well as the comfort of a familiar caring nursery nurse who will monitor developments and provide you with daily feedback.

O'Joz will provide all nappy changing materials and follow a strict nappy changing procedure. When the time is right we will assist you with toilet training your toddler.


In the early years of school we have opportunities for your child to learn through play. Our rooms are set up so children can move freely around activities, learning through experimenting with a large range of resources. On a daily basis children will have access to sand, water, play dough, construction activities, puzzles, role play, book corners, creative activities and drawing tables. As well as large group time playing games learning to interact as a part of a group. Although this is a very busy room there are also quiet areas where children can take a step aside to relax. Our staff child ratio within the 3-5 club is 1:8, allowing children the freedom to experiment and explore under careful sensitive staff intervention. Your child's progress will be monitored and recorded for our staff to provide feedback when and where necessary. Children will be involved in the planning of activities using their interests and conversations to determine the final activities.


Once collected from schools in our new bus, with booster seats and 3 point seat belts driven by fully insured drivers, children will be offered time for snacks, time to relax and interact with their peers. Resources are available for children to help themselves to activities that interest them and they will have the responsibility of packing them away as well. These resources range from table top games, advanced construction equipment to creative materials and even some monitored computer games. Children will also have the opportunity to do homework at our desks. Our staff child ratio for this group will be 1:8 allowing supervision of homework and freedom for children to relax after a busy day at school. Staff will supervise all interaction in the group and will sensitively intervene when necessary.